The University of Arizona

Competitors 2018

AFF 2018 Teams with our 2018 Take Charge Cats

2018 Take Charge Cats

Bear Down Save Up!

One of our many happy raffle prize winners! Special thanks to all of our sponsors that helped make this happen!

First Place- Upward Bound with Take Charge Cat, Harrison

Second Place- Arizona College Prep Academy with Take Charge  Cat, Kei Ann

Third Place- Tucson International Academy- East with Take Charge Cat, Angela

ACPA students with teacher, Freddy Mendoza

Students playing Financial Football

Competitor Upward Bound UA with Take Charge Cat, Emma

Competitor Arizona College Prep Academy with Take Charge Cat, Eyad

Competitor Desert View with Take Charge Cat, Shane

Competitor Quest with Take Charge Cat, Carly

Pima Vocational High School playing Savvy Financial Millionaire with Take Charge Cat, Eyad

Who will make the tallest balloon tower?

Competitors TIA Midvale with teacher Jonathon Basurto, coached by Take Charge Cat Danny

TIA East with Mr. Sam and school staff

Competitor TIA Midvale coached by Take Charge Cat, Victoria

Upward Bound students preparing for their afternoon presentation!

A huge thank you to Mayor Rothschild! His speech was truly inspirational!

Thank you to our amazing judges!

TIA East giving their final presentation!

Competitor Jack and Jill coached by Take Charge Cat, Andrea

Competitor Pima Vocational High School with teacher Kimberly Oldaker, coached by Take Charge Cat Matt

Take Charge Cat coordinators, Caitlyn and Tori!

Thank you to our volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who participated, UA Cheerleaders, and to our sponsors who helped make this event amazing and fun! Till next year 🙂 #BearDown #AFF #2018