The University of Arizona


What is AFF? 

AFF stands for Arizona Financial Face-Off.  Please visit our event description to learn more about it!

How do I sign up?
Please fill out the AFF Team Application to apply to be part of the competition.

Who are the Take Charge Cats presenters?
The Take Charge Cats are University of Arizona students who are trained to facilitate workshops that cover seven key areas in personal finance. Each member of the Take Charge Cats team receives training and ongoing development to ensure workshops are presented in an effective, informative and fun manner. We continually reformat, update and develop new workshop presentation topics to meet the needs of audience members on our campus and throughout the community.

What curriculum do the Cats use to teach personal finance?
The Cats use TCAI’s award-winning Take Charge Today (TCT) curriculum, and its training resources, to deliver workshops. This curriculum emphasizes active learning and uses a variety of interactive activities to teach content. During workshops, students are provided with note taking guides that help them to follow the presentations’ main points and are useful references for the competition.  In addition, the Cats distribute assessments as a way to assess students’ knowledge.

What are the necessary workshops for AFF?
Spending Plans, Savings, Credit Reports and Credit Cards

How do I book workshops just for the competition?
Email Krystle at and write “AFF Team” in the subject line.

Can anyone participate?
Please visit our “AFF Requirements” page for a specific description of requirements.

Does my school need to sign a waiver?
There are a few forms we will need filled out by the team’s advisor/teacher.  Please visit our “AFF Requirements”  page for a specific description of requirements.

What can participating teams expect for the day?
You can expect to learn and have fun.  Wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Are there any prizes involved?
Absolutely!  First place wins $1,000, second $750, third $450 and every participating team will receive a minimum of $200 and a trophy.

What are some tips for success prior to and during the competition?
The top three “tips for success” are:

  1. Pay attention and take notes during the workshops
  2. Practice the stations
  3. Show up!

Is there any cost to my group for the event?
Your group would NOT incur any cost besides the cost of transportation to the event location.  The Cats provide all workshop materials, t-shirts, recruiting tools, as well as lunch during the competition.

Does every team need to be from a school?
Teams are NOT limited to high schools though.  Community organizations, libraries, after school clubs, etc. are welcome to form a team.

What is the age range for competitors?
The competition is geared toward high school-aged students but middle schools may also apply to field teams.

How many students typically make up a team?
Each team is required to have at least 5 students on their team. There is a maximum of 15 team members to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in some way.

Is there food?
Yes, participating teams and parents will be provided lunch.

When would you suggest scheduling the workshops for my students?
Workshops can start as early as October.  There are 4 core workshops we teach, plus the home buying workshop, that are required for the competition.  Some teachers start in the fall and request a monthly visit to extend the workshop all the way to the competition (e.g. workshops in Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and then take March to practice) or some like weekly visits during the spring semester.  The scheduling of workshops is dependent on your semester structure (do you have the same students all year or do you get a new group in the spring, etc).

When will AFF 2018 take place?
AFF 2019 will take place on Saturday, April 6th at Dodge Middle School (5831 E. Pima St. Tucson, AZ). Registration begins at 7 AM.